Hostgator Coupon Code – Up To 50% off – November – December 2014

Hostgator November 2014 Coupon code

This page will be updated on a regular basis for all the available Hostgator coupon codes in the market. Text in Red is the coupon code which you need to input in coupon area- One of the very well known coupon code is-

Open25ForAll  Minimum 25% off

Last Successful Used   

This code will provide you flat 25% off on your bill.

Your1PennyFriend  Maximum $9.94 off

Last Successful Used   

If you are purchasing a monthly plan, this code will get you the first month for a penny.

These codes are valid for October, November and December 2014.

Try this code at

The above mentioned are 100% working hostgator coupon codes for November 2014 as of .



Expired HostGator Coupon Codes

GATORDAY  50% Off  (Expired) (Last successfully tried: 22 October 2013) This coupon was valid on 22 October only. This was released to mark Hostgator’s anniversary. Doesn’t work anymore.

blackfriday  50% Off  (Expired) (Last successfully tried: Black Friday sale 2012)  Doesn’t work anymore.

savemost30  30% Off  (Expired) (Last successfully tried: 18 October 2013)
Currently Hostgator is not providing any 30% off coupons.

Hostgator provides some of the best deals in hosting industry. 
Apart from the top notch service that they provide, the cost is also very low.

Hostgator coupon codes november 2014

How to use Hostgator Coupon codes-

First of all you need to decide whether you want to try Hostgator for a month and then continue or you want to sign up directly for six month or yearly plans. In case you want to try for a month, you better go for a Hostgator penny coupon code, this way you will be able to try their services for just $0.01 for first month. Once your first month is over, you will be billed on the regular price and the hostgator coupon code you entered during signup will not be valid for rebilling. The other case could be where you can get maximum saving, so if you are aware about Hostgator services or you are confident because of all the reviews you have got from your friends and on the web, you can signup directly for yearly plans. I would suggest to signup for max tenure available on their site which is three years. This way you will save on your three year plan. Please note that after three years you will be billed at the regular price and Hostgator promo codes will not work on re billing.

Why Choose Hostgator over Others?

If you are looking for a web hosting and confused about which one to go for then HostGator is your safest bet. They are providing some of the cutting edge services which no one else is providing at such great price. If you check their pricing and match them with other hosting service providers, you will be amazed to find that the value for money you get at HostGator cannot be found anywhere else.

Some of the points which differentiate HostGator from other players are as follows-

    • UpTime: HostGator provides a 99.99% Uptime guarantee which they fulfill really well. I have been with them for almost six years now and i have never seen noticeable or revenue loss downtime.
    • Service– They provides a very satisfactory service, you can chat with their agents any time you want and they will provide you the fastest solution possible for your problem.
    • Pricing: The most important part about HostGator provides all these services along with very competitive pricing. There auto billing feature saves you from losing any traffic in case you forget to renew your plan. They keep coming up with so many sale very often, which gives a great chance to someone at the fence to jump in and try the services. Many of my hosting packages I have bought were on Sale prices. There was a 80% off sale for few minutes on a Black Friday Sale and I remember picking up a two year plan.
    • Old Player: HostGator is one of the oldest players in Web Hosting which makes it very strong. It is said that in hosting business, it is always better to go with the older players rather than the new ones. You never know when a new player would wind up its business leaving you between nowhere.
    • Data Center: They have data centers at different locations like Provo, Dallas and Houston which helps your dada to be more secure.

How to login to cPanel after using Hostgator promo code –

Following video tutorial shows how you can install WordPress –

Money Back Guarantee

HostGator provides you a 45 days money back guarantee, which means you can try their services for 45 days and if you don’t like it, you can ask for a full money back.


Hostgator Coupons

Other than the sale, they also provide so many coupons so that someone like you can try their services before becoming a lifetime happy customer. There 1 penny/ 1 cent hosting coupon is very common, along with 25-30% discount which are found on many of the sites.

Some other Technical Specification of Hostgator-

  • 1Unlimited Hosting Support
  • 24/7 technical support by email/chat/phone/twitter
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Unlimited domains
  • Free Adwords Credit
  • Easy to use WordPress platform with single click using Fantastico Delux

What type of November Hostgator Coupon codes are available?

HostGator keep coming with different coupon codes for 30% off, 35% off, 40% off, 45% off, 50% off, 55% off, 60%, 65% off, 70% off, 75% off and 80% off, but most of the coupons are available for a limited time. Last time I saw 80% off was on Black Friday and grabbed a 3 year plan but that was available for initial few minutes of the sale. HostGator has four different and useful plans to offer, following is the list of plans you may find useful-

Regular (Shared) Hosting – This is the cheapest type of hosting you may get. In this plan you share the same system and its resources with all other customers on that machine. If a customer takes up all the bandwidth, your site may face some little issues. This is a good idea to get a shared hosting account if you are new to starting a website business. Once you have a running business and the requirement is felt for better package, you can anytime upgrade.

VPS (Virtual Private Server) Hosting – This is a midway between Regular and Dedicated plan. In this plan you get you get to share the server with other customers but you get a virtual OS running in a Virtual machine, this gets you guaranteed bandwidth, memory and other specs.

Dedicated Server Hosting – In this plan, your website is the only one using the machine so all the resources are dedicated to your website. This is the most expensive type of hosting plan available with any company. But you should take the advantage of HostGator Promo Codes to get this plan for cheaper than the original price. •Reseller Hosting – You can use this type of hosting if you want to have a separate hosting account for each of your website. Many people use it for creating their own hosting business.

For How long the November HostGator Promo Code will affect my billing?

Once you have purchased and finished your initial billing period, your contract will renew at normal price. So it is the best that you choose the maximum billing cycle like 3 years or 2 years.

How to create an email account in Hostgator cPanel

\\Disclosure: I have received exclusive coupons as an affiliate partner from HostGator. HostGator may pay me some compensation but that does not increase the charge you pay to them. So the cost incurred by you is purely independent of the commission HostGator pays. The review I wrote here is purely based on my personal experience with the company and is not influenced by any company.
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